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The Product-Centric Documentary is cost-effective marketing content for companies selling to broad audiences.

Its expansive narrative outlives traditional advertising.

Factual storytelling focused on people experiencing your product and your relationship with customers creates opportunities for renewed engagement.

  • We emphasize in-depth real world usage of your product.
  • We develop a series to deliver a multi-faceted story over time.

Big initiatives. Great Communication.
The Product-Centric Documentary provides a complete story about the product, the people behind it, those using it, and who benefit from it.

New product launch – Case Study >>

Product education – Case Study >>

All Case Studies >>

  • Each documentary is 10-15 minutes in length
  • A series is 3  to 10 documentaries
  • Live-action footage is captured at events on location
  • Content is delivered for external distribution
  • Interactivity provides insights of receptivity